MOAC is an all-volunteer member organization. Members organize and lead all trips and activities from beginner to expert. Our outdoor activities range from peaceful and relaxing to challenging and full of excitement. From the extremes of winter camping, ice/rock climbing, strenuous hiking, mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, to the gentle sail, walk or snowshoe, MOAC has something to offer everyone. We are a diverse group with members of all ages and experience. Join MOAC to challenge yourself, share your outdoor skills and meet other outdoor adventurers!












Individual Memberships $20/year and Family Memberships $30/year


  • June BBQ – Volunteer recognition

    On the first Wednesday of each month we gather. June is different. June is when we celebrate what MOAC is, what MOAC does, and most importantly, who makes MOAC work.

    How is June different? First off, we start at 6. Second, we do not have a presentation like the other 11 months. In June, we crank up the grills and do what MOAC does so well…..eat.

    Then we recognize those that make the club work. We might sing some songs. We might have a table to buy/sell/trade gear. We might have a hot tub in a canoe.

    Keep an eye out for details. June 5th. But remember, June is different.

  • Our May Meeting – Varvara Harmon

    The “Mountains Are Calling” presentation is about all aspects of the hiking journey.

    It is dedicated to the beauty of nature, mountains, woods, rivers, small brooks and waterfalls. It is about the amazing experience of being at the top of the mountains above the clouds on a downcast day or seeing as far as you can on a clear bluebird day! Also it is about the wonderful journey itself, seeing the beauty of nature and the fun meeting so many enthusiastic people!

    I consider myself as a hiking artist and “Mountains Are Calling” is a collaboration of two of my favorite things: love for the mountains and love for the art! I have been working on this series for the past few years and you are the first ones to see it!

  • Volunteers Needed

    MOAC is a 100% volunteer organization. Things only happen if people step up to do them. MOAC needs:

    Keeper Of The Inventory – MOAC doesn’t own much but we need someone to keep what we do have under control. Mostly consumables we use at events (paper products, plastic silverware, etc).

    Monthly Meeting Recorder – It’s sorta like the minutes of a board meeting, but much less formal. A lot happens at a monthly meeting and to have someone take notes helps the club a lot.

    Please email board@moac.org if you are interested in helping out. MOAC only works because volunteers decide to make it happen!