Hans Hackett on Sledding Mt Washington

Join us for our March meeting

In April 2015, a friend introduced Hans Hackett to the idea of sledding on the slopes of Mt Washington and his inner child took notice. Since that day, he has experienced eleven expeditions and he has also gathered a fleet of sleds so he can share this thrilling experience.  Stay tuned for a MOAC posted sledding adventure.

Hans joined MOAC in the summer of 2014 and enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and of course, sledding. “I consider myself a creature of convenience, which is why I am such a huge fan of the local land trust trails. Right here in the Greater Portland area, we are surrounded by so much outdoor opportunities or what I like to call, access to beauty.”

Please join us for this exciting and humorous ride amongst the spectacular beauty of Mt Washington