Everglades Canoe Trip

Date(s) - Thu, Mar 21, 2019 - Tue, Apr 02, 2019
7:00 am

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‘Got the dates firmed up!  Flying down to Tampa March 21, 11:08 am, Frontier Air, fly 2539.  Renting van, driving to Everglades City, renting canoes stopping for supplies, snake bite kits,k-rations etc. 10 days on the water dodging gaters and snakes. Steel cage for swimming. Must be able to swim length of an alligator. Back in Tampa by April 2 for flight home. I’m staying 2 more days for big airplane show in Lakeland.  Cost around $2-300 plus airfare (mine $200). Don’t forget baggage. You carry a tent, sleeping bag and some common gear!  Contact me on What’s Up until I get my email straightened out!

Dan Kidd

207 478 6835


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