Fall Fest SECOND Update!

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Date(s) - Fri, Sep 11, 2020 - Mon, Sep 14, 2020
12:00 pm

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These details just in for Fall Fest in Thomaston!

Our original caterer, Big Mouse In, has been hard to reach so we are on our own.    In an effort to not make the six o’clock news, Here are the guidelines we’re putting forth:

  1. Directions have been limited to the first 50. Drop-ins at the last minute  should call me to see if there is room.
  2. Park to the left as you drive into the field. Cars with low ground clearance may opt to the right as space allows.  Tents will be located around the upper right section.  RV’s and campers should stay to the right.
  3. We’ll have two Porta Potties with water washing stations in multiple locations.
  4. Tom will erect his huge tent (with help…) along with tables in the lower flat area. This will be the food preparation area.  The bond fire will be adjacent.
  5. We will have many small tables and many bales of hay upon which to set your drink and eat surrounding the fire pit. Bring your own Chairs!
  6. Masks will be required when walking around and in any food preparation and distribution. Once you are seated, please remember to take it off before eating or drinking or singing around the fire.  Social distancing will be required everywhere.
  7. Please do not bring food to share. This is in no way a potluck!
  8. Bring your own plates and silverware. Dishwashing stations will be provided.
  9. There will be no self-serve for anything. Stay away from the food!  We will have designated serving people with masks doing this!  This will include coffee and cream and salt and pepper and…’Got it?
  • Mind you, if you feel uncomfortable, you can always retreat to your tent, It’s a big field.
  • There are two popular times for the ferry to Monhegan, 7 and 10:30 but only one time to return, 4:30. It will go badly for you if you miss the boat.
  • The Town Landing for kayaking is a few blocks down the hill with plenty of parking. Hiking in the Camden Hills is a short drive too!
  • Bring an instrument for around the fire Saturday night in a Clorox bottle if you can.
  • The rumor that Peter’s bacon and sausage breakfast had no meat has been realized as a hoax….And the coffee will be from real cowboys it looks like!
  • I’m going to try and bring my Wood-fired Canoe Hot Tub so you might bring a swim suit. That last time with the iffy stuff is unacceptable

The weather looks good and I think it’ll be a lot of fun to get together safely!  Texting is the best way of reaching me with questions: 207 478 6835





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