July 4th Island Lobster Bake

Date(s) - Wed, Jul 04, 2018 - Thu, Jul 05, 2018
6:30 am

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Yes!, Another hair-brain scheme you might get sucked into!  No Boat Required!

Have a cookout on Little Chebeague Island, accessible at low tide from Great Chebeague via “The Hook”.  Great Chebeague is accessible via ferry from Portland!  ‘Half hour beautiful hike from the ferry landing to Little Chebeague Island.  You’d better watch the tides and the ferry schedule mister man!  OR!…bring your own kayak..or PY (Personal Yacht).  We’ll cook lobsters and clams and corn and have watermelon and strawberry shortcake and…You don’t have to be a tourist!  We can do it ourselves!  Now, the particulars:  Crossing is low tide only +/- a half hour.  If you really blow it, we’ll have a motor boat to haul you’re sorry self across.  Low tide July 4th is 9:56 AM.  The ferry leaves Portland at 6:30 AM arriving Great Chebeague around 7:30 giving you plenty of time.  Another detail; you can’t get back the same day on the ferry.  Government mandated separation dictates this.  Low tide again July 4th is 9:28 PM, too late for the regular ferry. But!…You can camp! – or bum a ride.  Next morning low tide is: 10:39 and the return ferry is at 11:40 and 4:10.  You can do it!  It’s a pretty island and nice beach camping and exploring.  Bring a bike and leave it on Great Chebeague!  Breakfast will be served in the morning!  It’d be smart to give me a call.  I need to know numbers.  Ferry cost is $11 and the food around $20.

Dan Kidd, dkidd@fairpoint.net, 207 478 6835



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