LL Bean Lecture Series: Brian Threlkeld

Date(s) - Fri, Mar 29, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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LL Bean hosts a lecture series on Friday evenings from January through April. These are events run by LL Bean. They are here on the MOAC calendar to make membership aware of them. Questions should be addressed to LL Bean. These events are held in the camping department atrium. MOACers often gather for a nightcap after.

Last winter, Brian Threlkeld, full-time Team Storyteller for the Outdoor Sport Institute, along with two of his friends, skied and snowshoed through Maine’s 100-Mile Wilderness. Carrying heavy packs and pulling sleds, the team faced challenges from mile one. Gear malfunctions, poor conditions and a narrow miss involving a freight train were only some of the adventures they contended with over the nine days it took them to travel from Monson to Abol Bridge at the southern boundary of Baxter State Park.

Come hear about their trip, learn about the Outdoor Sport Institute (a Maine-based nonprofit working to strengthen communities through outdoor sport), and sample some delicious dishes from Good To-Go, makers of dehydrated backpacking food.

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