LL Bean Lecture Series: Pat Gallant-Charette

Date(s) - Fri, Mar 15, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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LL Bean hosts a lecture series on Friday evenings from January through April. These are events run by LL Bean. They are here on the MOAC calendar to make membership aware of them. Questions should be addressed to LL Bean. These events are held in the camping department atrium. MOACers often gather for a nightcap after.

Pat Gallant-Charette didn’t take up the sport of marathon swimming until after her 58th birthday. Now 68, she has set nine records as the oldest female to complete these amazing open-water feats, including crossing the English Channel (21 miles), Lake Ontario (32 miles), Lake Tahoe (23 miles), Loch Ness (21 miles), and a circumnavigation of Manhattan (28 miles). In this inspiring presentation, Gallant-Charette will focus on the positive side of aging, proving that a person is never too old to pursue an adventure in life.

Gallant-Charette is an inductee into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and the Maine Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame. In 2018, after five nominations, she received one of the highest honors of her career: being named World Open Water Swimmer, Woman of the Year.

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