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Date(s) - Mon, Oct 22, 2018 - Mon, Apr 01, 2019
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This is a followup to “Sailing to the Caribbean.”

The trip is still on, and things are coming together. Right now, the plan is to leave Belfast on Oct. 22, or maybe a couple of days after, depending on weather and logistics. There’s still a lot to do, mostly ferrying supplies to and from the boat.

Once we leave Maine, it will take something like three days to reach the Cape Cod Canal, then another three days to reach NYC. I hope to spend a few days in NYC to visit friends. It should take another four days to get to Virginia Beach. From there, there are choices to be made. Sometimes, we would go down the Intercoastal Waterway (the “ICW,” basically an inland canal), and sometimes sail on the ocean proper. The state of dredging on the ICW is continually changing, so different parts may or may not be passable for my boat when we’re there. In any case, it should take something like 8 days to reach the point where we jump off and head East into the Atlantic. The crossing to Turks and Caicos will take something like 12 days, maybe less, but not much more. The time estimate for each of these legs should be pretty accurate, but don’t attempt to add them up to say that the entire trip will take 30 days. The smart thing to do is to watch the weather and wait for a good window before starting each leg. Also, there will be days spent on maintenance, resupply, and just chilling. Beyond reaching T&C, I haven’t much considered. Some family will come down, so that that we can have Xmas in T&C. After spending maybe a six weeks in T&C, we’ll meander NW through the Bahamas, and hit Florida some time in March, give or take, then back up to Maine.

You would be welcome for whatever part of the trip that interests you, and that fits into your schedule. Right now, I am most interested in having people on the trip south. In particular, if you’re into it, the crossing to T&C would be a major experience. You’d be a real seafarer then.
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