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I finally got time off for a trip to Bigelow Preserve during the period August 18-21. Anyone and everyone is welcome for all or a portion of this trip. My e-mail is and my cell is 205-529-5086. A simplified itinerary is at the bottom.

I will leave sometime on Saturday, August 18 from the AT trail head parking lot on highway 27 (Carrabassett Dr.) about half a mile SE of Stratton Brook Pond Road. Not sure when I will leave from the parking lot, but I will set a time certain, or almost certain, if someone is joining me. I will hike up to the ridge, camp at West Peak on Saturday night, and then across the ridge and down to Flagstaff Lake at Bog Rd. on Sunday. With any luck my kayaks will still be where I left them at the lake near Bog Rd. On Sunday night or Monday morning my friend from work, Khusro Kidwai, will join me and we will kayak to the end of the lake at HWY 27 with a night of primitive camping midway. At HWY 27, I’ll hot foot it back to the car which is about 5 miles away and return to pick up people and up to 2 boats. My goal is to be on the road home no later than sunset on Wednesday, but it is possible to kayak the entire length of the lake in less than a day, skipping the overnight stay, if necessary. There are also some well-maintained campsites on the Bigelow Preserve side of the Lake where a side trail branches off from the AT and meets the lake not far from Flagstaff Rd. Ferrying people and boats back and forth to cars could take a while but shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours of work.

It is possible to join me for just the kayak or just the hiking portion. I’ve asked 2 people to join me and they are still working out their schedules, but no one has said they would take the entire trip. My friend Khusro will be there for the kayak portion only.

Simplified itinerary is as follows.

Saturday, August 18-Tuesday, August 21

1. August 18. HWY 27 (Carrabassett Dr.) AT Trail Head to West Peak Campsite on AT

2. August 19. West Peak to Bog Rd. & Flagstaff Lake

3. August 20. Bog Rd. to primitive camping at Lake Mid-Point (or shoreline site near Flagstaff Rd.)

4. August 21. Mid-Point to HWY 27

5. August 21. HWY 27 pullout to Car

6. Pick up boats and people, return to cars.

I built in an extra day in case something crazy happens. My wife expects to hear from me by sundown on Wednesday. Willing to amend itinerary as needed or requested but must pick up friend at Bog Rd. no later than Monday morning.