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I had a confusing trip with a very late start and several people dropping out at the last minute. I left the parking lot at HWY 16 and the AT on Saturday around 3 pm and didn’t get on the lake until mid-morning on Monday. The best map I could find, better than the Delorme map and the AT maps, is the Maine property map at the link below.

There is a reasonably nice campsite at the point where the AT and E. Flagstaff Road meet, Little Bigelow Gravel Pit, it wasn’t on any of my maps but was a great find. Plenty of safe parking and tent sites. There is a decent and short trail from the gravel pit campsite to Flagstaff Lake. We carried our kayaks down to the lake on this trail.

From the point on the lake closest to the gravel pit it was leisurely paddle past the state campsites on the S. side of the lake (Round Barn, Parson’s Brook & Ferry Farm) to Hurricane Island which also has a nice designated campsite. Hurricane Island was fully occupied by friendly couple, so we pushed on and spent the night at a designated site on School House Point. School house point is a highly developed campsite, but I must admit I enjoyed the luxury of a table, close line, and even a pier. There are also a lot of rusted out vintage cars on site, no idea how old. Maybe they are from the town that used to be nearby before the area was flooded?

My camera worked on and off, it seems to have gotten water inside the housing, so I have a lot of pictures but not a lot of good or useful pictures.

We spent a fair amount of time goofing around near School House Point and decided to return the way we came, rather than ending up somewhere near Stratton Elementary School and having to walk back to my car.

The return was eventful only because, contrary to the weather predictions, there was a strong intermittent wind pushing against us most of the way and a slight current that ran from E. to W. The result was that we returned late about 8:30 on Tuesday night and got home after midnight.

As always, I have less leisure on these trips than I imagine during the planning phase. On this trip I didn’t get beyond the basics, walk, paddle, cook and clean. I fished once for about 30 minutes at the pier on School House Point just before sundown. I caught 1 chain pickerel roughly a foot long from the rock at the end of the pier but since pickerel are not a personal favorite I let it go without injury. I was using a size 4, 1/8th oz. Panther Martin Yellow and Red Spotted Teardrop Spinner. I used the same spinner, or a rooster tail, to catch numerous perch on two previous trips, when I fished from the shore near the Round Barn Campsites at around sundown. About three years ago, my niece caught a trout at Horns Pond with a Woolly Bugger fly. I was shocked, but I’m told the pond is stocked.

If I were doing this again, I ‘d plan for more time on the water. The hike is fine at 1 or 2 nights but there is a lot of water and islands out there. I could have used at least 2 more nights to explore, fish and cook something other than ramen noodles. The designated camp sites are really very good especially Hurricane Island and School House Point. If more primitive camping is desired I’d recommend the islands on the S. side of the lake between the outlet of Hurricane Brook and the State Designated camp site on N. Flagstaff Road. Another option are the islands near Flagstaff Peninsula. I have never explored the shore at the N. edge of the lake beyond School House Point so there might be some nice spots there as well. There is certainly a lot of sand which is very pleasant but, of course, hard on gear.

Sorry I don’t have better information or pictures of specific islands and sites suitable for camping but my camera wasn’t cooperative at the right moments.