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Updated travel plan based on minor details like the direction the Penobscot River actually flows.

Here’s an open invitation for a Maine kayak trip from Lily Bay State Park to Umbazooksus Stream including, among other enticements: Gero Island on Chesuncook Lake, a day or so on the W. Branch of the Penobscot River, a 2 mile portage, and the length of Moosehead Lake with a stay on Sugar Island.

I think 5 days are needed to complete the whole thing with a modicum of leisure or 7+ days to do it with real leisure. The full trip is explained below. Feel free to make suggestions if you have them. I had a moderately disastrous failed trip last year because I didn’t take some on-line advice about water levels so I’m all ears these days.

I’m assuming this will be a 5-7 day trip sometime between July 13th and the 21st. I can go any time during that period. It can be sliced shorter if necessary but the full trip basically goes like this.

1. Two cars drive up to Lily Bay State Park on Moosehead Lake. We may want to drop the kayaks off at Lily Bay Park or on Mud Cove Road.

2. We get back in the cars and keep going North on Lily Bay Rd. past Kokadjo and around Chesuncook Lake to a campsite/boat landing on Longley Stream Road. Look for the launch right where Little Longley Brook meets Umbazooksus Stream just after a bridge. It’s about 2.5 hours from Lily Bay. One car is left at there, the other care returns to Lily Bay where parking costs $4/day.

3. From Lily Bay State Park we cross about 1 mile of water to Sugar Island. We will already have been driving around for 6+ hours. The rest of the numbered points are possible campsites, and a 2-mile hand carry.

4. Sugar Island Campsites to Big Dry Point/Outward Bound Camp (7 miles) or Farm Island (14 miles). From here mileage between camps cannot be predetermined.

5. Canoe Cove Campsite at Big Duck Cove or Seboomook Point.

6. Northeast Carry Road.

7. Portage via Northeast Carry Road to the W. Branch Penobscot. 2 Miles.

8. Hannibal’s Crossing on W. Branch Penobscot River at Golden Rd.

9. Big Island, W. Branch Penobscot River.

10. Gero Island, Chesuncook Lake.

11. Gero Island to Longley Stream Road boat launch.

12. Longley Stream Road to Lily Bay. 2.5 hour drive.

Total distance is about 61-70 miles according to Google Maps. The driving should be the worst part but there’s a full moon in there as a bonus, on the 16th. Fishing should be very good although I don’t have personal experience in all these areas. All of the proposed sites and locations can be found on Google maps with the exception of the Moosehead Lake campsites which can be found on the attached Maine State Fisheries Map.

So far I have one friend joining me from out of town.