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Lianne Mitchell

You’ll see most of the hikes posted on the calendar. Most of the hikes and activities are open to everyone. However, you do need to read the full description and see if there are any special requirements for ability or equipment. Like if you’re going to join a 4,000 footer in the winter doing book time, you’re experienced and healthy enough for that. If you’re not sure if it’s something you can do, you can contact the trip leader and ask.

Any member can organize and lead trips. On the home page, there is a button on the left that says “create event.” And if you hover over “for members only,” there is a tab for tutorials. Take your time and read through the on screen prompts and make sure you check all the boxes and fill in the description.

You just want to be clear about what the trip is – people like to know how long a hike may be, how it’s rated (beginner, moderate, hard, for example). Think about what you’d like to know when deciding on what trip to join. And you can read through other posts to get ideas. Though some are not quite as detailed as I usually like! 🙂

If you want to join a posted trip, again check the description for contact info or if it’s just show and go (though it’s still nice to RSVP so the leader knows to look out for you). You can also click on the tab at the bottom for “going.” And, again…if you have any questions you can ask the trip leader.

We actually encourage people to post trips as well as join others on theirs. It helps keep the club active as a whole. We do, of course want trip leaders to be qualified for trips they lead and know the area and trails (or water bodies) they’re leading others into.