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Hi Paula,

It sounds like my Slow Poke hike might be something you would like to try. Not sure what you mean when referring to a pack: Day pack or overnight backpack. For summer day hiking the basics are water and a snack and a decent pair of footwear which varies with the individual. I am certainly not promoting my choice: I wear walking shoes or Cross Trainers or similar year round when I can, even when I could backpack adding traction for the winter hikes. A light jacket or raincoat may be in order too if the weather looks threatening. Saturday’s does not so far. I have never had an insect problem on this hike and we will be in the woods except at the overlook so I would consider sunscreen optional. A fanny pack may be sufficient for a snack or I will be wearing what I believe are called cargo pants, shorts actually, with large side pockets. I carry one 24 oz water bottle for a hike like I am proposing, you may want more but it is supposed to be a comfortable, low humidity day. I am not sure I am up to “Oldest Tortise Speed” or not. I’ll find out Saturday. I have developed health issues that are greatly slowing me down. You would be more than welcome on my hike. Great views overlooking Camden and Penobscot Bay to the east around to Monhegan Island to the south and if it is clear enough, Mt. Washington in New Hampshire to the west from the overlook. I welcome comments from other MOACrs if they think I have skipped or misrepresented something.