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Hi Matt,
Thanks for reaching out through the Forum. As Terese said, the best way to get folks to join you on a hike is to post one and people will sign up. Not many events are organized through the Forum – almost everything runs through the calendar, and people who are interested in the activity you post (hiking, paddling, cycling, etc.) are automatically notified when a new event is added. I saw your other comment about “leading” trips, and you’re right – we’re not so much leaders as organizers. Whoever posts an event is expected to be experienced in the activity, although it may be their first time in a given location. Until recently, almost all my hikes were first time climbs for me, although I’ve done a lot of 4,000 foot mountains in ME and NH. I posted them all on MOAC and always have had at least one, usually 4-8 people, sign up to come along. I’ve now done 44 of the NH 48 and all of the ME 4,000 footers, so I’m repeating most times now, and happy to do so. Someone is always up for a mountain if you are! I usually post a 4,000 footer every weekend but I’ve been traveling so have missed a couple. Will do one next Sunday (better weather day it looks like) so if you’d like to collab or just join mine let me know, or post your own. You have to pick a place and meeting/start time, and post it at least a couple days in advance, and it’s up to you if you want people to RSVP or not. I always do, because if by chance no one signs up I might make other plans, and it helps keep a cap on group size.
If you’re up for a 20 mile hike next weekend, I need Bondcliff and Bond and I’d like to do them from Lincoln Woods – it’s long but easier miles than Twinway. You can also tag West Bond from there although I already have so I’ll skip the extra 2 miles. I haven’t gotten many folks to sign up for such a long trip so it would probably be just the two of us, with a very early start and a long day. But the Pemi Wilderness is spectacular, and it’ll be awesome!