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      I am interested in planning a trip to Havasu Falls, Arizona tentatively end of September?? I would like to hike in and stay at the campground. Who’s in?

      “The trail is only steep for the first 1.5 miles from the trailhead, and after that it is mostly level hiking with a slightly downhill slant. The hiking is rocky and sandy, and pack mules going up and down canyon are important to avoid, but generally this is a moderate hike. It is 10 miles to reach the campground though, which is a considerable distance.”



      Havasu Falls

      Hike Havasu Falls

      Fitness: You must be in good physical shape to hike to Havasu Falls. As mentioned above, this is a moderate hike by general backpacking standards, but it’s long (10 miles) and can be very hot (105+ degrees fahrenheit in the shade)

      Water: It’s imperative you have enough water for your hike. We recommend carrying 3 liters of water per person and a bottle of frozen Gatorade or other electrolyte-balanced drink.

      Seasonal Concerns: May through September can be very hot, so it’s best to start hiking early and bring plenty of water and snacks. And the monsoon season (July through September) can also have extreme rains that lead to flash flooding.

      Trail Food: Bring plenty of salty snacks with you during your hike and eat them often. energy bars, potato chips, trail mix, sandwiches, fruit, nuts…etc. make for great trail food.

      Meals: There is a convenience store and a restaurant in Supai, but unless you’re planning on staying at the Supai Lodge, it’s best to provide your own meals. Dehydrated backpacking meals are a great choice as long as you have a backpacking stove.

      Gear: Bring a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, backpacking stove, pots and pans, water treatment, sunscreen, bug repellent, headlamp, and 1st aid kit.

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      wendy pollock

      What are your dates?

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      I don’t have dates yet. Dates depend on interest. I don’t want to do it by myself…. but I might… I was tentatively thinking end of September.

      They recommend staying at this place the night before

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      Tentatively, land in Las Vegas (and maybe do some Las Vegas things the first night #1), then drive to the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn for the second overnight #2. Hike in and camp, take in the falls. Overnight #3, hike out next day, drive back to Las Vegas

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      or I may go into Phoenix and hit the Grand Canyon first

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      Looks like it will have to be September 2019

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