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      Hello MOACers!

      I’m looking for ideas for good trails in Portland and a little south or west. I’m not familiar with many down there, so have been mostly been doing North of Portland. If there is a trail you’d like to see posted – or just know of a good one, please email (or reply on here).

      The trail needs to have good, easy to find, and accessible parking for several cars and good for all skill levels. There should be at least a couple of miles of loops and/or out and back legs.

      Please give any “tips or tricks” for finding the trail, using the trail, best place to park (especially if there are multiple Options), etc. And a link to a map or more info would be appreciated.

      And remember – we still very much encourage members to post trips themselves! If you would like help doing that, please let us know at

      Thank you!

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      Try Aislynn Sarnaki’s column Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find a google based map of all the hikes she’s done.

      Seems like the Press Herald would have something like it. I know Carey Kish publishes there periodically.

      Also look for the preserves in the area.

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