Lobster Lake to Chesuncook Lake 4-5 days

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      Planning a trip for August 15 -19, give or take a day at the end of the trip. Welcome any one who wants to join me. Not that familiar with the area so I can’t guarantee what conditions will be like.

      The planned itinerary, all viewable on google maps, is from the bridge over the West Branch of the Penobscot on Poulin Road to Lobster Lake and from Lobster Lake to Gero Island on Chesuncook lake. We would pull out near the bridge over Ubazooksus stream on Longely Stream Road. Expect to take 4-5 days willing to keep it to 4 or expand a day if that helps with anyone’s schedule.

      Could be a popular route so there might be a lot of people around. Should be relatively flat water and there aren’t any really open areas of water so canoes should be OK. Fishing should be good. I will be with my 16 year old niece, Natalie, and a close friend Khusro Kidwai.

      A state guide to the area can be found at this link:

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