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      I am hoping to begin at the southern end in April over my school vacation. Years ago I did the Grand Canyon on a 3 day family trip but have only been day hiking since. Looking for experienced people to help plan. Thank you!

      Betsy Clark

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      Are starting down in Georgia or do you mean the AT in Maine? There’s also the Pinhoti Trail in AL which is about 110 miles long, in AL, and connects to the Southern end of the AT. I walked the AT in GA but honestly can’t remember most of it. The Pinhoti trail I know pretty well. Fun to walk if it isn’t hot. Don’t want to overstate this because the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor but the S. part of the GA AT and the Pinhoti both have a little bit of crime from time to time. That’s mainly in established campsites near roads and not in the deep woods or mountains. Criminals are a lazy bunch. I know the Maine AT pretty well and I think a lot of people in MOAC know it even better than I.

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      What advice are you seeking: trail info, gear, logistics? Providing some structure to your query would help to frame some responses.

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