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      I’m looking for trip ideas that would entertain a relatively well traveled 50 year hiker/kayaker and a much less traveled 16 year old niece and probably at least one other person in my age and ability range as well. Want to spend about a week out on the water or hiking around somewhere we can safely stow our kayaks. My first choice is a kayak trip because I think they are easier in some ways. Right now I’m thinking about re-doing trips I’ve already taken including:

      1. Hiking the ridge above Flagstaff lake in the Bigelow Preserve and then kayaking some portion of said lake.
      2. Kayaking from the E. end of lake around the big island with a name that escapes and then back to the E. side of the lake wither the AT meets E. Flagstaff Rd.
      3. Kayaking to Antlers Campsite on Lower Jo-Mary Lake from the launch near Katahdin Air Services on Baxter Park Rd. and back.
      4. Maybe something on Moosehead although the waves can be intimidating for beginners and my niece is a relative beginner.

      That’s about all I’ve got right now. I like to fish so some of these routes are better than others. I never catch much of anything in Flagstaff Lake. Hope to be out during the full moon in July I think that is the 16th so we’d leave on the 13th or 14th of July. Any ideas are welcomed. If I come up with an itinerary anyone and everyone is welcome to join me. I not sure I have any extra kayaks to lend, I might have one depending on who goes with me.

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