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      Didn’t know where else to put this folks. MH&T has made the difficult decision to close the Poplar Stream and Grand Falls huts this summer. This is a temporary situation caused by a labor shortage in the hospitality industry combined with an unusually punishing winter. Stratton Brook and Flagstaff will continue to be fully staffed.

      The organization is scrambling for volunteer caretakers to staff the Poplar Stream hut as a self-service facility. Any takers, perhaps from any of the retirees in our membership? Our own Phil Poirier has done this in the past, so you could reach out to him for the inside skinny on what’s involved. There are also some perks (see below) and it would make for a very interesting two-week vacation. Plus you’d be held in eternal esteem by MH&T and they’ll probably erect a statute in your honor. Or at least a plaque. OK, maybe only a certificate of appreciation. But I’m sure it’ll be suitable for framing.

      I’ve spoken with their volunteer coordinator who OK’d sharing this email with the MOAC membership. Grab life by the horns, people: this is a unique opportunity! Please pass along to anyone who might be interested:

      Greetings, all:

      Management just announced plans to close Poplar and Grand Falls Huts for the summer season. Explanations:
      Available summer help limited: summer visa restrictions for foreign guests ripples through hospitality sector
      A tough winter combined with deferred maintenance requires extensive investments
      My question to you all: How much interest would there be in caretaking Poplar in order to keep it open in Self Service mode for the summer? There would be 10 weeks to cover. The usual rules would apply:
      Two week minimum optimum; longer even better
      The usual full support of staff
      Caretaker may have 2 guests or family stay free for up to four nights;
      Food provided for one person; caretaker’s guests cover their food
      I attach a FAQ sheet for more information.

      Stratton Brook and Flagstaff guests would then have a through-hike option, with the middle hut being self service. That means guests bring their own food, OR we stock in some high-quality full meals, the kind hikers take with them, for guests to purchase.

      But first we have to find out from you, our corps of volunteers, if we could make this work. Let me know what you think. Summer vacation with a twist?

      I look forward to hearing from you. These are links to the Caretaker Job Description and Application, to give an idea what caretaking involves.

      Always, my best–

      Susan Davis
      MH&T Volunteer Coordinator Plus
      207-265-2400 office, ext. 115
      207-491-2509 cell

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