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      I tinker with old Optimus and svea stoves and have run out of stoves to repair. During this time of isolation and boredom, I am looking for something to occupy my time. If you have an old stove that runs poorly or not at all, drop me a line.

      John Gallagher

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      Hello, my name is Brent and I have some Primus stoves that need some work if you are still interested? Can give them a sanitizing wipe down also.

      3 Nova pumps, aluminum, plungers should be conditioned, new gaskets/o-rings. One needs some work on the oxygen intake strainer.

      1 Sven 123 that could be overhauled w new wick and plunger conditioning.

      Email: bolderbike@aol.com or cell: 245-0123.

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