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      I am planning a three night kayak trip sometime between July 18-24 for my niece. Plans and dates are still flexible but I’m thinking of starting at Scraggly Lake just off Amazon Road about two hours N. E. of Bangor and then heading through Junior Lake into West Grand Lake before heading back. You can see a list of nearby campsites at the link below or type “Scraggly Lake, ME” into google maps for a better picture of the area. This is a pleasant chain of lakes with numerous campsites, potentially good fishing, easy flat water paddling and possible loops. Should be fun. Any three consecutive nights will probably work.

      Dan Kidd led a group there recently with real (good) food and singing among other entertainments and frivolities. Not going to attempt any of that but anyone and everyone is welcome to join me on a less planned adventure.

      If you want to join us let me know. I have one extra kayak and a random assortment of decrepit equipment to share plus ramen noodles, soy protein gruel and other delicacies I save especially for these yearly trips.

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      Itinerary, July 21-24, 2021
      Scraggly Lake to West Grand Lake

      Anyone and everyone still welcome. Let me know if you intend to show up so we can meet you somewhere. Marc Cryer, not the AL prefix, C:205-529-5086

      1. Park near public boat landing at Horse Cove off Amazon Road. Road to landing is on right less than a mile after Rainey Brook and 9 miles from Highway 6 in Topsfield. Distance from Glenburn Center is 96.7 miles a 2.5 hour drive.
      2. Landing to McKinney Point campsite. Meal break. 4.5 miles.
      3. McKinney Point to Flood Cove campsite; a Downeast Lakes Land Trust site. 1st night. 7.34 Miles.
      4. Flood Cove to Farm Cove West campsite. Meal break. 3.8 miles.
      5. West Cove to Hardwood Island MPRL campsite. 2d night. 3.31 miles.
      6. Hardwood Island to McLellan Cove campsite. Meal break. 3.26 miles.
      7. McLellan Cove to McKinney Point. Meal break. 8.8 miles.
      8. McKinney Point to campsite on peninsula at end of Muwin Road. Passamaquoddy Nation. 3rd night. 1.56 miles
      9. Campsite at end of peninsula to landing. 1.8 miles.

      Total distance by boat is about 34.37 miles.
      First day 11.84 miles Day three 13.62 miles
      Day two 7.11 miles Day four 1.8 miles

      All sites and locations are on the DeLorme Maine Atlas with the exception of the Downeast Lakes Trail campsites, which are shown in the brochure.

      For driving directions, use intersection of state Highway 6 and Amazon Road in Topsfield, Maine. Follow itinerary above after reaching the intersection.

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