• MOAC Needs You!

    Do you have a teachable outdoor skill? Maybe wilderness first aid or how to roll a kayak? Do you know a product rep for an outdoor equipment company? What about someone who works for a local trail organization or other outdoor-oriented nonprofit? Do you have another hobby or pursuit that you’d like to share with your fellow MOAC’ers? Birding? Geology? Astronomy?

    We're looking to create additional calendar events to share the wealth of skills, expertise and professional contacts we have within our membership. Even if it's just the kernel of an idea for a talk, workshop or presentation, we want to hear about it. Contact any MOAC board member.


    Considering joining us? Time to renew? While MOAC has always offered the ability to snail mail payment as well as online, as you can imagine, getting to the Post Office during this time is not the easiest thing to do. In addition to just getting your form and check, it involves the check going to the Treasurer, then the bank, and your form going to Membership. It's already an involved process before now.

    MOAC please asks that, whenever possible, new members and renewals be done online. One stop shopping on our end, and it eliminates the time lag from when you mail it in until the process is done on the other. The process is safe and secure. Thanks!

  • The MOAC Song Is Online

    Extremely longtime member Bill Shouse wrote the MOAC song years ago. Here is a recorded rendition from the June 2019 BBQ. Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-z7myqmSGv8

  • Volunteers Needed

    MOAC is a 100% volunteer organization. Things only happen if people step up to do them. MOAC needs: